My Classroom

Welcome to a new school year!!!

We are beginning our 17th year at Creekside Elementary.
It is hard to believe that we opened our doors that many years ago.
It is truly my home away from home!
These are my greatest friends and examples.

We have seen each other through personal and professional ups and downs
and support each other completely. 
Many days I remind myself that I come to work to teach... 
not just to be with my friends ;)

After 20+ years... I've continued with my primary color theme...
I update it with polka dots, stripes and chevron depending on the year
but red, yellow, blue and green continue to be me.

We  gather often throughout the day... so we have to have a little rug area.
About 5 years ago... I participated in a Daily 5 blog study and was hooked...
this is where a lot of the management magic happens.

We adopted McGraw Hill WONDERS reading program a couple of years ago...
so  you'll notice that product in the many pictures.

This was the first day... a little color activity to work on while we meet and greet students and parents the first few minutes of the day.  I always have my kiddos grouped in tables.  We collaborate often and work in teams for support and encouragement. comes up automatically whenever I turn on my computer ;)
Books, books, books...They are all over my room.
I have them leveled and organized in a couple different ways.
We used to be an AR reading school (so sad we aren't anymore).  The first year we placed colored dots on the spines of each of the books as a level reference for our little friends.
1st grade was red
2nd grade was yellow
3rd grade was blue etc.
Many teachers incorporated this process into our own classroom libraries.
It was such a fantastic management to ensure our students were reading
"JUST WRITE" reading level books.
As you can see in the picture above... I still use the system (without the online program).
I also have an author of the month (and box for each author).
My little ones are in and out of these boxes all day long!!

We are fortunate enough to have 4 full computer labs in our school and a mini lab in each room. We are increasing our Ipad inventory a bit each year with Trust Land Money and Donors Choose.

 Math is where my love of curriculum started...
About 10 years ago, I was asked to write the 2nd grade math curriculum for the entire school district.
It was a fabulous learning opportunity to work with smart, creative and enthusiastic teachers.
We are using this program today... with updates to include the Common Core.

Following that... I worked with Scholastic to write One Page Math Games.

and then came TeachersPayTeachers.

It all started here... in this classroom.
Mrs. Evans has tried, failed, achieved, flopped, giggled, laughed, teared up and made many memories.

I wouldn't change a single thing.
My failures and flops have helped me grow and
my achievements have given me the encouragement to continue
living my educational journey.

 Whether you are a brand new, veteran or worn out teacher...
I hope you can find some inspiration from this little blog of mine.
I surely don't have all the answers, however, I enjoy sharing and searching new ideas with my teacher friends around the globe.
I hope it's a happy day in the classroom for you!!


Elizabeth said...

Getting ready to move into second grade with my year-round-homeschooled boy and finding inspiration here to keep organized and make things fun. Thanks. :)

Lory said...

I'm so glad Elizabeth. Best of luck to you and your son. 2nd grade is such a fun year!!

H├ęctor said...

Hi Lory!
I just found your blog looking for information on enter/exit slips (I'm a translator from Switzerland working on some teaching materials) and let me say that I'm inspired by these pictures of your classroom and all your pedagogic work. It seems like a lot of work done with even more passion; the world needs more great teachers like you!

Being close to some educators I know it's not an easy task, so kudos! Keep fighting!

Take care!

Unknown said...

I am wondering what you have in the clear tubs with green handles under your daily 5 schedule (the bottom shelf)? Are these daily 5 centers that correlate with the topics you are teaching within Wonders? I am moving into a new classroom, and returning to 2nd grade after a few years off, and am looking for new organizational ideas!

Your website is great to read through and get more ideas to work on over my summer.

Unknown said...

Hi Lory

I was wondering how I could find the trifolds for Wonders Grade 3. I can't seem to locate them anywhere. Could you email me the information? thanks !


Erica said...

Hi Lory! I'm a 15 year teacher from Texas and we moved to earlier this summer! I am in second grade at South Weber this year. I read your blog years ago when I taught second and then was moved to kinder. I love being back in second this year. My little blog is Sprinkles to Kindergarten .:)