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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Halloween Time

Halloween is such a great time of year! 
The classroom is a fun place to be and learn!!  
This weekend will be a fun hashtag sale  #ghost  will help you find lots of great $1 Halloween deals.

This is my newest Halloween product for my kiddos.
Halloween Color by Codes for 6 different math skills.

Click on the activity below for a fun FREE math activity for your trick or treaters!

Who doesn't love a Halloween treat!
Black Forest fruit snacks are my favorite. 
They are easy to find at Sam's or Walmart.
One box and about 30 minutes makes for a great Halloween math review of many skills.

These printables are a lifesaver!!
I leave them on the corner of my desk and whenever we have a minute to review and celebrate the time of year... I pull one of these out!

Click on the game below for a fun FREE math game for your students!
Pumpkin Math is one of my favorite activities.
Some years I bring in one and we do it as a whole group. 
Other years the kids bring in pumpkins and work in pairs... either way and anyway is a great math time!!

Math story problems are always tricking for the little ones, however, when you add a Halloween flair and Target $1 spot erasers to use as counters... the students really think about the questions!

These are a few of my favorites, however, you will find many others in my OCTOBER section of the store.