Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Color by Code for Vowels

While completing online schooling with my son... I have been using the  
LET'S LEARN series (see photos before) to help my son with his vowel sounds.

We have taken one vowel a week and continued to complete the reusable, dry erase booklet and play the games, puzzles, etc. I thought it might be beneficial to add a bit of coloring using the same words.  These 2 files are what came of it.
The kids love them.  I say kids... because even my Emma had a ball pulling out the markers and enjoying a short a page.

 long vowel practice

 short vowel practice

 short vowel practice

 Long vowel practice

This is a sample of each page.
An answer sheet is available for each.

Many have asked if they were similar to the Edmark sets that I created a bit ago.
YES!!!  They are the same except the words inside. 

Easy, printables to use for Distant Learning

 Daily Language Arts Review

 Daily Math Review

Grades K,1,2 and 3 are available.

 Short Vowel Practice

 April Distant Learning Primary Kids

 Long Vowel practice