Saturday, March 23, 2019

#SpringDollarDeals $1 Sale

I'm joining some friends this weekend as we celebrate SPRING! Use the hashtag to find $1 deals!!


Jimmy said...

Just wanna to say, I'm glad my teachers don't read such articles. LOL
Surely I used to do my homework! Of course daily and nightly....unless there's more important things appears suddenly. If ya know what I mean.
DMC 5 realize for example interferes my homework ding permanently lately. And before that...Far cry 4 and WOW and playing football with my guys and ect. So, nothig surprising, that I ended up in such situation and had to pey people, who do my math homework for me. Again. Well. Guess, that's a Faith herself.
Well, yeah. I do my Homework. At lest I'm trying. Mostly. 30 mins a day of so.

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