Monday, July 16, 2018

#WeeklyWondersforthewin FOCUS WALL

This week was requested by many!!
Thanks for your suggestions :)
This Focus Wall has everything you will need for a
colorful display in your room for each week!!
It also includes an organizational tool that will help
you know what should be displayed each week!!

Grade 1 -
Grade 2 -
Grade 3 -
Grade 4 -
Grade 5 -
Grade 6 -

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Teacher, I'm Done" Task Cards $1

"Teacher, I'm Done!" ... "What should I do next?"

Copy, laminate and display these task cards... 
give each student a booklet and you are set for every month of the school year. 

When they have a free minute they can review language and math skills completing task cards. 
Teach them responsibility, independence and allow you to finish the task you 
were working on without interruption.

I found these cute boxes at Walmart today.
They are for crayons... however,  by printing the cards at 70% they fit perfectly inside!
Just another way to prep them for the kids.

Click the picture below to see how I have been displaying mine in my classroom.
Maybe I'll be shaking things up this year with these cards and boxes ;)

#WeeklyWONDERSforthewin HOMEWORK for the year $2.50!! Wow!

This weeks #WeeklyWondersfortheWin is WEEKLY HOMEWORK!
 These activities are the every unit... every week.
 They are fun activities for your kiddos to practice their spelling and vocabulary words. This week ONLY $2.50 for the entire year!! Wow!!

Be sure to share and spread the word. I've received many
 requests for this to be a product for the hashtag sale 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Graphic Organizers - Great for WONDERS

These graphic organizers are a great tool to use with your K-3 grade students. They are a great supplement to the WONDERS Reading Program. See the Table of Contents to see the choices. Included in my 4th of July sale!! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

#WeeklyWondersforthewin ... This week Trifolds 50% off

This week we are looking at Weekly Trifolds. They are a simple, double sided sheed, folded into thirds to use all week long. They cover the spelling, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and so much more. This includes each week of the whole year 

4th Grade WONDERS Trifolds ... Growing Bundle

All right 4th grade friends...
 I heard and listened  I have begun a 4th grade TRIFOLD Growing Bundle. 
My plan is to have it completed before school starts. Share the link with your friends...
 as I have said many times before that I didn't think I'd be making 4th grade! 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Writing in the Classroom #1

Weekly Writing... ready to go!!
A couple of years ago, I made writing one of my goals to work on.
I began with  my reading program and decided to start there since we were spending a lot of time discussing the literature and essential question throught out the week.

I always model along with my kiddos during writing time especially the beginning of the school year.  
I find that it helps answer questions along the way and allows the discussion and instruction to flow freely.

I decided that for me... it was better to have them all bound together from week 1.  We got our booklets out and had everything we need .
I work with other that have chosen to use this same product, however, they prefer to print it week by week and keep them separate.
Either way works ;)

Next time, I will share another writing activity that we use to allow creative writing to flow freely... especially during our Daily 5 block :)

 Wonders Writing for 4th

Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekly Assessments for WONDERS

Using McGraw Hill WONDERS? 
This file includes weekly assessments for:
Anthology section
Reading Writing Workshop section
Grammar Skills

Portfolio/Scrapbook Pages Updated for 2018

This file was created as the backbone for my 2nd grade student portfolios. Each month the students have the opportunity to show their reading, writing, math and art growth throughout the year. Students are encouraged to add other class assignments they are proud of inside the 1 1/2" binder that stays in the classroom throughout the school year. This portfolio is a fun and easy piece to share with parents during conferences during the year. Students enjoy putting this portfolio together AND reviewing this portfolio all year long (adding the newest piece to the back of the binder each time), creating a 2nd grade portfolio of memories to take home at the end of the school year.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018

#WeeklyWondersfortheWin 50% off

It's Summertime Fun!!
Hashtag... #weeklywondersforthewin for 50% OFF

This week it is...
 Wonders Morning Work or Homework!!

 Weekly Wonders Products for Sale

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Edmark Sets and Activities

 Edmark Bundle of Activities

My son Max and I have enjoyed the opportunity to increase
 his vocabulary by studying and practicing these Edmark words. 
Watching his confidence increase during 
conversations with others has made all the hard work worth it. 

In each set we worked with 10 words.
We have:
file folders
words to clip
words to print
game to play
4 color by code pictures
and reading fluency.

 Edmark Activities Set 1

Here is my beautiful boy, Max!!
We has taught me so much in his young life.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Spelling & Vocabulary HOMEWORK for 3 Levels

I've received many requests to create a SPELLING/VOCABULARY homework activity including the        
3 different levels... 
It is a growing bundle and posted tonight for my 1st grade friends!! 

The original file including general spelling words with challenge words 
can be found by clicking on the pic below!!

Friday, June 8, 2018

WONDERS Little Book Organization FREEBIE

Hi friends... those little readers are under control now ;) I found these little black crates at Walmart for 97 cents ;) Hope these can help a few!!

 Wonders Little Readers

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WONDERS Labels for 12x12 Boxes FREE

Hello friends...
I've heard a lot about these Iris boxes from Michaels and received many requests to make labels to fit them... so... I did a little shopping and creating and uploading.

I made a couple different versions to choose from but 
both fit nicely inside the 12x12 boxes.