Monday, September 25, 2017

Syllable Freebie Mini Lesson

This is a mini lesson that posted for fall time... it's a FREEBIE!!


Paulina Cameron said...

I guess this mini-lesson is so mini that it can be taught by the children themselves to themselves. I mean that in a good way. I bet that your kids are so well-behaved and educated that they would deal with this worksheet in no time. My students are just learning the sounds and they would be happy to do such fun activities for a change. When I have started following your blog, I knew that you were a second-grade teacher. Yet, I want to ask you whether you know about the coursework writing help for my future professional development. It would be great to receive advice from you.

Lela Fitzner said...

The link to this mini lesson is not working. How do I access?? : )

Garret said...

This file was created as a backbone for my 2 student books. Each month students have the opportunity to practice reading, writing, and math and image development throughout the year. She has to go for sooner. Students are encouraged to incorporate proud class assignments inside the 1 1/2 ti building blocks to the library throughout the school year. This touch is a fun and easy thing to share with parents during the annual gatherings. Students enjoy putting this portfolio together and reviewing this document every year ((adding something new to the back of each term)), creating a 2nd class diary of memories to bring home at the end school year.It's too small to be written by the kids themselves I mean that in a good way.I bet your children behave well and understand that they will deal with this workbook in no time.