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Friday, July 7, 2017

2nd Grade BIG BUNDLE

It was requested by many that I bundle my bundles ;)
So... 2nd grade BIG BUNDLE is available!!

I've worked a ton on various activities for this reading program.
I posted 2nd grade bundles because when I made them... 
I was making them for me in my classroom and that was the process I took. 

When friends and colleagues saw and asked me to make the product for their grade... 
I created the entire year at a time.
Now that the bundles have been posted for 2nd grade, 
I'm being asked to post them for 1st and 3rd etc. 

 I think rather than pulling them apart and 
putting what I think should be in the bundle... 
I'll post this chart and let you see what it available for your grade level and let YOU choose.  

This chart is also a Google Doc (click on image). 
 It will take you to a chart that is hyperlinked to each specific product. 
Hope this helps and get you exactly what you're looking for ;)

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