Saturday, May 27, 2017

WONDERS Spelling Activities

I had fun creating a few WONDERS materials this past week.
Prepping for next year and crossing things off my list 
that I added throughout the year.

Spelling Word Sorts

Spelling Boxes


jsabala said...

I'd love a copy! My name is Jacquie jaccov1@yahoo
One activity we do for spelling is having partners scramble letter tiles and tell their partner a word to spell with the letter tiles.

Peggy Miller said...

This would be great!!
I have them use magnetic letters to spell out the words on my whiteboard.
Peggy Miller

Lauren S. said...

Thanks for creating this resource - I'd love a copy! My name is Lauren & my email is
One activity we do for spelling practice is Spelling I Spy - partners give each other 3 clues to guess their secret word. Clues could be the number of vowels/consonants, the number of tall/short/hanging letters, a synonym/antonym, etc.

Kynda said...

Looks like a great resource! My kids like to do "spellersize" aka jumping jacks with the spelling words. It's a great filler for those odd few minutes.

Unknown said...

I would LOVE a copy too! My email address is:

Thank you so much!