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Monday, February 6, 2017

February Literacy Centers

 I am LOVING Daily 5!!
  By January things are running so nicely.
The kids know the routine, they enjoy their work and their progress is evident!

 I decided to push my little ones a bit more during this specific area of Daily 5.
I determined 12 various skills that I wanted my students to practice daily and then created activities and an independent assignment they could complete in 15 minutes (during Word Work).
  The 12 skills I decided with are:
compound words
ABC Order

I purchased 12 storage boxes at Walmart (about 7x9) just the right size.
I place a skill activity inside each box and labeled it.
To save paper, I created the independent assignments into a booklet form.  This booklet stays in their book box.  When they choose this particular Daily 5, they complete the activity and then pull out their booklet to complete.  If time permits they can redo the activity or read a book from their book box. 
15 minutes has been about perfect!  

This is a very similar set up with FILE FOLDERS rather than boxes.  
Same idea, same routine, just a different look!!

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