Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Teacher, I'm Done!" Task Cards

 I received a few questions about how, where and when I use my task cards. 

You know the students that ALWAYS have everything done correct and quick?
They are the friends that have a TASK CARD booklet in their desk!
 (Right now I have 9 students in my classroom using them...
many are improving their work to get one ;)
Whenever they have completed their assignment and are caught up with everything they are invited to
walk over to the wall and choose a set of task cards they have not completed in their monthly booklet.
Yes... I said wall... I'm all for simplicity. 
 Each set is on a silver ring and each ring is hanging on a pushpin.
Easy to get... easy to return. 

Switching out the months is just as easy!  I grab a dozen rubber bands, take off the ring... rubber band the set... put the  new set on the ring and hang it up!

1st Grade                                             2nd Grade


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Unknown said...

Okay so I have every month of Task cards and now my biggest concern is organizing them!
How do you do it?
Each month comes with 12 sets that are relatively thick. How do you organize and store these?
I leave the ones for the month out, but then the old ones are just piled.

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