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Sunday, January 15, 2017

2nd Grade WONDERS - Morning Work

Hello friends!!
We are beginning Unit 4 next week... and I thought that I needed to add a bit to my morning routine. I wanted it to include our WONDERS program with it.

 My kids are familiar with coming in the morning, organizing their tools and preparing for the day. Then they begin their journal and share in front of the room with the microphone.  They do this while I take roll, answer questions etc. It is automatic, they know the routine, expectations and it makes for a nice start to the day.

I plan to collate and bind Unit 4 for each of my students.
(Next year, I plan to collate the entire year in a 3 ring binder. 
 I plan to include a tab for WONDERS Weekly Writing Assessments also.)
There are 4 pages per week. 

The pages include the Unit and Week and Essential Question.
The 15 spelling words are also listed with a couple of activities to complete.
There is a vocabulary word and definition section and 
an opportunity to work on sentence structure.
I have included grammar standards that are focused during the week.

I listed the High Frequency Words, also.  I plan to have the kids read and pass these off to me (as I walk around and monitor) while they are working on their morning work.
Many kids will not have to work real hard to do this, however, I think it is a good idea for them to be exposed to these sight words.

The final 2 pages are sort of optional... 
my students DO NOT have great handwriting... and it drives me crazy!!! 
 I have always had them 'polish' this skill up knowing that they will be introduced to cursive in 3rd grade.
Monday and Tuesday offer spelling word practice WITH a handwriting font and opportunity to write 2 sentences using their spelling words.
Wednesday and Thursday offer spelling practice on their own.

I am excited to present this to my kids and see how they embrace it. 
I'm anxious to see the difference it makes in their weekly study.

You'll have to let me know ;)

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