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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#WinterWednesday December Daily Deals

Print It and Teach... just that.
These printables are a great review, assignment, activities for a substitute.
In fact, I print them back to back at the beginning of each month and leave them on the corner of my desk for those 10 minutes you didn't expect.
More than just a paper, pencil printable...
the kiddos get to pull out their crayons and complete a colorful review.
Use #winterwednesday to pick up December for 50% off... $2!!

"Teacher, I'm Done!"... What should I do now?
Words that rub me the wrong way!!  It was always so hard for me to hear.
We always have activities, assignments, good things to do.

I also wanted to provide a challenge to my higher students.
I blogged about these easy to prepare lifesavers here.

I even included a set for FREE to try out.
Using #winterwednesday... you can get this WINTER set for 50% off.
A great addition to your classroom for winter time!!

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