Monday, December 5, 2016

December Daily Deals

 Who doesn't love a DOLLAR deal and without going to the Dollar Store to purchase it.... Fabulous!!! 

Use your hashtags... see the DEALS that are awaiting you and your little ones!! Hope your Monday is Merry!!

 I have discounted my brand new THUMBODY Loves You Calendar.It is actually my parent gift from my students. EASY, easy, inexpensive, not time consuming but full of personality and lasts the entire year. I blogged about it here:

THUMBODY Loves You -

Another product I added to #merrymonday was one of my gifts that I give to my students prior to Winter Break. They love the challenge, new crayons and parents appreciate a bit of routine during the holiday. It's on my blog here: Simple is my middle name ;) 

 The final #merrymonday is for all year long in the classroom. Another simple product that is used and referred to everyday by my little friends.
ELA Posters here:

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