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Sunday, July 3, 2016


It's JULY!!!
AAAHHHHHHH...why does summer go so quickly?
I hope you are all finding a bit of R and R during your break.

This past week my little monkeys helped mom make a new family game.
Actually, it's going into the classroom come fall... but until then the Evans family is having nightly competitions in the yard... some members are quite competitive.

It was actually a fun, easy project to complete.
I ran to Home Depot, located the 4x4 pieces of wood 
(actually a 10 footer) for about $11.25.
The VERY kind man measured and cut the pieces 4" to make cubes.
With that piece we got 4 full YARDZEE sets with 3 remaining cubes.

We brought them home and used our hand sander to smooth the edges.
We tried spray paint... didn't work well... so we ran to the craft store and picked up some acrylic paint.  Much better and very quick to dry.
I found some cool brushes (or dotters) at Walmart in the craft section ($3).
The blue dotter was perfect for the black spots.
Once finished we sprayed them with a glossy spray and placed them in buckets from the Dollar Tree.

I quickly made a score card, printed and laminated it.
We located a dry erase marker in the messy drawer and enjoyed a night outside with each other brushing up on our skills.

I'm hoping these provide fun for my kiddos during indoor recess, 
math activities or even outside at recess time.
For around $4 a set... they'll be worth it.
I've posted the scorecard for anyone that would like it here or here.

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