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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Number of the Day

I recreated a little something that I used years ago. 
 I like offering my students a quick, daily review on skills they need to master. 
I also like to do these reviews in a short, quick way...

Last year my kids were extremely cute AND chatty.  
They had the hardest time transitioning without a conversation about Lab Rats or XBox or American Idol.  It was a bit exhausting to always manage and control.  They had the cutest personalities but had a hard time recognizing work time and play time.
 I found that planning to the minute and keeping them academically active even during transitions helped tremendously.  Whether is was an activity awaiting them in the morning first thing... a chant or poem moving to the rug... high frequency recall while moving to their table or skip counting to centers... you name it, we do it.  It helped the constant chatting and off task behavior.

Sooo... here is another quickie but goodie.
I used to do Number of the Day.  It took about 5-10 minutes.
I'm sure the repetitive lesson helped to build number sense and skills... but I grew tired of it and the time it took to complete.
The other night I dreamed of a version of Number of the Day. (I need to spice things up in my dreams ;)  Summer vacation should not include educational dreams or nightmares ;)
Anyways... here is my newest Number of the Day.
Only 1/3 of a sheet of paper per week.
Kids refer to the number on the screen to complete the task.
It should only take a minute to do AND offers a transition from morning break/recess/lunch/prep etc.
Come in little kiddos, get started on your own, get focused... let's work.

I've only completed term 1 so far. 
 It includes double digit numbers.
Term 2 will take off from there so it stays a REVIEW 
and can be done independently with success.  
I have 2 different recording sheets. 
 Each version has 5 skills to master for a total of 10 in term 1.
 Each term will increase in difficulty.
I'm anxious to try it out and see what you think!!

Do you still do a form of Number of the Day?
What are the pros and cons you see?

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