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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I TEACH 2nd Linky Party - Portfolios

Today,I want to share a simple tip that I have used in my classroom for a few years now.
It is a growing student portfolio!
Each year, I ask the kids to bring in a 2" white binder (that will hold a cover page).
This binder serves as their portfolio and they fill it progressively... all year long.

I don't gather the pages and stuff them in a drawer until term end or
stack them on a counter until I have a professional day...
They fill the pages when we have something to add to the portfolio.

Many of the pages are created in the same manner... showing growth and improvement in various areas.  That as a backbone has helped me embrace them BUT...
the good thing is that when you find something in educator 'blogsphere' that you love and want to try... you totally can!! Then just add it to the binder.

I've taught my kids from day 1 that whenever you add a page....
you flip to the back of the binder and place the new addition there!
That way the portfolio is in chronological order.  EEWK!  Easy for me ;)

The kids often flip through the pages when they have a few extra minutes, or want to complete a page that they didn't have time for.  They recognize that it is the showcase of their school year and improvements.

Another IMPORTANT reason... I love these portfolios....
when conference time comes around...
they are ready to be seen and shared with parents.
Student and parent review their work and it buffers the appointment time slots.

Now as the year comes to an end...
 we continually fill in pages of our work, assessments, student data, photos, etc...
but without the stress because they are complete!

Quick answer... 
yes, I do purchase a couple white binders at BTS time when the prices are great IN CASE I have a student that can't afford one. 
I hope this simple idea helps a teacher or two who are thinking about creating student portfolios/scrapbooks/data folders.

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