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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2 for Tuesday Deals and Steals

Wahoo!  It's time for 2 for Tuesday again.
Today, I'm pulling out 2 oldie but goodies!!!
These 2 file are staples in my classroom... actually the first 30 minutes of each school day.

If you are looking to help your kiddos memorize and master their basic math facts
just might be what you are looking for.
It allows the kids to master the skill in a quick, daily routine.
Best thing, they move at their own pace (without causing a teacher a headache ;) 
Free PIG MATH brag tags are available here to help celebrate each milestone.

is a part of my morning work.
Each week we study a specific phonogram. We learn the rule, sounds, words and practice our fluency using THESE words.  It's all in the file.  Why not make phonograms a bit more fun!!
I'm excited to announce that I working on another phonogram activity that will be a fabulous addition to FUN WITH PHONOGRAMS.

Enjoy your sunny Tuesday!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Number of the Day

I recreated a little something that I used years ago. 
 I like offering my students a quick, daily review on skills they need to master. 
I also like to do these reviews in a short, quick way...

Last year my kids were extremely cute AND chatty.  
They had the hardest time transitioning without a conversation about Lab Rats or XBox or American Idol.  It was a bit exhausting to always manage and control.  They had the cutest personalities but had a hard time recognizing work time and play time.
 I found that planning to the minute and keeping them academically active even during transitions helped tremendously.  Whether is was an activity awaiting them in the morning first thing... a chant or poem moving to the rug... high frequency recall while moving to their table or skip counting to centers... you name it, we do it.  It helped the constant chatting and off task behavior.

Sooo... here is another quickie but goodie.
I used to do Number of the Day.  It took about 5-10 minutes.
I'm sure the repetitive lesson helped to build number sense and skills... but I grew tired of it and the time it took to complete.
The other night I dreamed of a version of Number of the Day. (I need to spice things up in my dreams ;)  Summer vacation should not include educational dreams or nightmares ;)
Anyways... here is my newest Number of the Day.
Only 1/3 of a sheet of paper per week.
Kids refer to the number on the screen to complete the task.
It should only take a minute to do AND offers a transition from morning break/recess/lunch/prep etc.
Come in little kiddos, get started on your own, get focused... let's work.

I've only completed term 1 so far. 
 It includes double digit numbers.
Term 2 will take off from there so it stays a REVIEW 
and can be done independently with success.  
I have 2 different recording sheets. 
 Each version has 5 skills to master for a total of 10 in term 1.
 Each term will increase in difficulty.
I'm anxious to try it out and see what you think!!

Do you still do a form of Number of the Day?
What are the pros and cons you see?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2 for Tuesday

It's that time again!!  Yeah!

This week I have added an oldie but goodie (actually my #1 seller in the store) and
a new release for Back to School... File Folders for September.  These are super easy to assemble and a great way to review ELA skills all year long!!
Both $2.50 today... what a deal!

Don't forget to stop by Chalk One Up For the Teacher 
to see other 2 for Tuesday Deals!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

McGraw-Hill WONDERS for 3rd grade

Are you using McGraw Hill's WONDER Reading Program?
We adopted the program 2 years ago.
I created these weekly tri-fold to help me organize my curriculum,
teach mini lessons on tested skills and review the basic reading skills listed on the cover above... all while saving paper.  Each week is 1 sheet printed back to back and folded.
(Unit 1 Week 1 below)

I am so glad to hear the positive comments from your classroom and  
be able to complete a request for 3rd grade Weekly Tri-folds.

I have completed all the Spelling and Vocabulary Tests...
for 3rd Grade!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Classroom Decor - Big Top

Oh... summer is fun!!
It has been so relaxing playing with my computer on the couch, in the backyard, by the pool, watching Ellen ;) with CRAZY hair and in yoga pants ALL day!!

Big Top classroom decor is everything you need to begin and decorate for a new school year.  It is 155 pages of colorful, adorable and helpful tools.

Some ideas you will find are:
Name Plates
Birthday Board, card and badges
Word Wall
All About Me Page
Number Labels
Calendar Headers
Subject Cards
Helper Cards
Table Numbers
Folder and Binder Covers
Days in School
Welcome Banner
Positive Posters and Cards
and more.

If there is something else that you'd like added to the file... just leave me a quick comment and we'll get it done.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Little Monster Classroom Decor

First project for the summer complete...
this is my new classroom theme for the new year.
Sometimes.... I'm the monster.... sometimes the kids are little monsters...
Just darn cute clipart!! ;)
Over 180 pages to just print and be prepared  for the school year.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I TEACH 2nd Linky Party - Portfolios

Today,I want to share a simple tip that I have used in my classroom for a few years now.
It is a growing student portfolio!
Each year, I ask the kids to bring in a 2" white binder (that will hold a cover page).
This binder serves as their portfolio and they fill it progressively... all year long.

I don't gather the pages and stuff them in a drawer until term end or
stack them on a counter until I have a professional day...
They fill the pages when we have something to add to the portfolio.

Many of the pages are created in the same manner... showing growth and improvement in various areas.  That as a backbone has helped me embrace them BUT...
the good thing is that when you find something in educator 'blogsphere' that you love and want to try... you totally can!! Then just add it to the binder.

I've taught my kids from day 1 that whenever you add a page....
you flip to the back of the binder and place the new addition there!
That way the portfolio is in chronological order.  EEWK!  Easy for me ;)

The kids often flip through the pages when they have a few extra minutes, or want to complete a page that they didn't have time for.  They recognize that it is the showcase of their school year and improvements.

Another IMPORTANT reason... I love these portfolios....
when conference time comes around...
they are ready to be seen and shared with parents.
Student and parent review their work and it buffers the appointment time slots.

Now as the year comes to an end...
 we continually fill in pages of our work, assessments, student data, photos, etc...
but without the stress because they are complete!

Quick answer... 
yes, I do purchase a couple white binders at BTS time when the prices are great IN CASE I have a student that can't afford one. 
I hope this simple idea helps a teacher or two who are thinking about creating student portfolios/scrapbooks/data folders.

Winner Wednesday - Daily Math

I am excited to participate in Winner Wednesday. 
This linky will take place the first Wednesday of every month. I pick a popular product from my store, share pictures and YOU will have a chance to win that product for FREE. All you will have to do is enter your name to be entered into the Rafflecopter. Yep, that's it!!

Now on to why you are here. This month I chose my #1 product in the my store: Daily Math. I absolutely love teaching this math. There are 40 pages of math daily reviews to help enrich your lessons and master the 2nd grade math standards.

Why not let your students review all of their math skills everyday! 
This file contains 40 pages for each day in term 1.
 Each page has 10 questions reviewing various skills:
place value
problem solving
geometry and more.
I have studied the Common Core outline for the entire year while creating these. Each term will progressive increase in difficulty until all skills are taught and covered.

Interested in trying it out with your own 2nd grade class?
Click the image below to receive 20 free pages and see more!!


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