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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Necklace

Mrs. Evans is in chaos mode...
Having moved our family and leaving a sub for a few days...
I feel as though I need to run, but can't get my achy legs to move ANY faster :)
On top of that my little man had his annual appointment up at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday also.  He got the thumbs up and lollipop to celebrate.
I count my blessings every time I visit the hospital and see so many little people with life long struggles.  We are so blessed.

Anyways... back at school...
my darling team was prepping for Mother's Day...
holy smokes that is coming up... in 5 days!!!
No worries...
Here is an easy, fun, memorable gift for your kiddos to make and give their mother.
We made the necklaces last year and had a fabulous time.
The kids were sure they were giving their mother's 
the most expensive piece of jewelry ever!!! hee!hee!
I blogged the instructions here.

We added this easy, coupon booklet to go with the necklace.
The kids were thrilled!

Don't forget to use the code CELEBRATION to save 28%
May 3 and 4th for Teacher Appreciation Days!!

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