Friday, May 13, 2016

Math Game Boards

We have had a ball with these math game boards.
My initial thought was review for testing, however,
the kids are 'just enjoying' them.

I'd love to spread the "JOY" with my teacher friends.
Leave a comment about ways you keep your students active and happy the last few weeks of school. Be sure to leave your email address also. 
 I'll choose a winner Monday morning ;)

#4 is the winner... Congratulations!!
Check your email for a bundle of math game boards.

You can check out my original post and images of different games here.
Happy Friday friends!


gscribner said...

I make a May calendar with something special each day. (chew gum, science day, math day, silent day etc)
I'm using some of your games that I have for part of my math day. Thanks!

Suzy Q said...

Since we already have so many extras added to our last days (concert, sports day, testing, assemblies, you name it!) I try to incorporate a bit more variety into our regular studies.

For example, the day before our carnival we wrote multiplication and division number stories (our current math work) with a carnival theme. Students could earn up to 3 Smarties for each problem, which made them think a bit more about capital letters, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, etc. (And I always tease them that the ones they don't earn become mine!) They are so motivated!

Another easy way is to print a new set of bump games...same skills but different art and they love it!

tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I try to keep my schedule intact as much as possible. Our school always plans to have a few "fun" days but we continue as usual. This does help a tad bit! On the last two days I try to plan for "fun" engaging activities such as a summer bucket writing activity. Final memory book pages are completed and added to their first grade booklets. A balloon pop activity is always a fun way to keep kids going-i like to add pieces of paper inside the balloons to keep them excited! (Extra recess, clean out desks, reorganize library,etc) my kiddos live to help which is an added bonus!!

Anonymous said...

I try to study things the kids enjoy--ocean animals, beaches, summer weather. We also do partner plays and incorporate more art projects in our daily learning to keep engagement going.

shan19 said...

I try to keep it as structured as possible with a little fun thrown in that they have to earn. I have done the balloon countdown in the past where they get to pop a balloon when the whole class has good behavior. Inside the balloons are things like: switch seats for a lesson, go out to recess 5 minutes early, and use pens for one assignment.

Anonymous said...

My grade level has what we call May Days. We choose different themes for each day i.e.: Pirate Day, Cookie Day, Teddy Bear Day, Science Day. We send a calendar home at the beginning of the month and the kids come really excited to see what fun activities we do with each theme. It has been really successful.

Ann Marie said...

With my kiddos, I have to keep a structured day. I love hands-on activities, so we have Minute to Win It competitions and lots of STEM projects.