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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hashtag... Happy Father's Day

SO... I was thinking I was doing pretty good... 
having the kids create Father's Day cards to put away for June.
They were giggling, chatting and laughing while they completed the card/coupons.

Things were great ... and then a cute little girl says
"Teacher, what sort of gift are we going to make to go with the card?"
Immediately, another little girl says,
"Oh, that's hard because dads don't wear jewelry, so we can't make them a necklace."
(I assume like our Mother's Day gift)  I giggled and then realized that all my kiddos were looking at me to find out the fabulous GIFT we were making for our dads.
AUGH!  I guess the card wasn't enough... so...

...we got out our popsicle sticks and glued them together...
"Oh, we are making them a HASHTAG to hang in their office!!"
Ideas began flying.
We added a little spray paint... (love my spray paint... delicious)
Found a few extra math manips in the cupboard...
pulled out the Sharpies and got real happy!

Then we pulled out our tic tac toe boards and practiced our skills ;)

I love these kiddos... 
they keep me on my toes and always stretching myself.

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