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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Student Portfolio UPDATED

Showing Growth All Year Long - Student Portfolio
 has been updated for the 2016-2017 school year.

1st and 2nd Grade

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hashtag... Happy Father's Day

SO... I was thinking I was doing pretty good... 
having the kids create Father's Day cards to put away for June.
They were giggling, chatting and laughing while they completed the card/coupons.

Things were great ... and then a cute little girl says
"Teacher, what sort of gift are we going to make to go with the card?"
Immediately, another little girl says,
"Oh, that's hard because dads don't wear jewelry, so we can't make them a necklace."
(I assume like our Mother's Day gift)  I giggled and then realized that all my kiddos were looking at me to find out the fabulous GIFT we were making for our dads.
AUGH!  I guess the card wasn't enough... so...

...we got out our popsicle sticks and glued them together...
"Oh, we are making them a HASHTAG to hang in their office!!"
Ideas began flying.
We added a little spray paint... (love my spray paint... delicious)
Found a few extra math manips in the cupboard...
pulled out the Sharpies and got real happy!

Then we pulled out our tic tac toe boards and practiced our skills ;)

I love these kiddos... 
they keep me on my toes and always stretching myself.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ready for 3rd Grade!!!

My adorable children (that I birthed ;)  were excited and surprised to see these little balls and nets in my office one afternoon... so excited they unwrapped 4 and took them outside!!!  AAhh!!
It's a good thing I love 'em.
12 days and counting ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Grade 1 Daily Math Bonus Pages

It was requested that I make a Bonus Pack for 1st Grade also...
so,,, here it is ;)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Such Talent

How stinkin' cute is this?
Our darling art teacher helped us celebrate ARTS WEEK and
tie her project in with our school wide production of Alice in Wonderland.
So jealous of the talent.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Math Game Boards

We have had a ball with these math game boards.
My initial thought was review for testing, however,
the kids are 'just enjoying' them.

I'd love to spread the "JOY" with my teacher friends.
Leave a comment about ways you keep your students active and happy the last few weeks of school. Be sure to leave your email address also. 
 I'll choose a winner Monday morning ;)

#4 is the winner... Congratulations!!
Check your email for a bundle of math game boards.

You can check out my original post and images of different games here.
Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fun with Fractions

At the conclusion of our fraction unit we share PICTURE PIE by Ed Emberly with our kiddos and invite them to created their own picture pie art.  My cute friend hung her student's work in the hallway.  It turned out SO cute and is such a fun way to end the unit.  I just noticed the book is only 1.99 on Barnes and Noble... if you don't have it ;)

Have a Ball This Summer...

Teachers look forward to summer break as much as the kids, however,
don't you always stress about the decline they will make if they don't continue reading and studying?
A couple years ago I sent this little booklet home with my "soon to be 3rd graders" and encouraged them to complete them throughout the summer and then bring it back to me so that I could hug them again ;). They did and their parents expressed appreciation for a quick task for them to do during a down time.

I sent them home (the 1st year) with a beach ball to blow up and play with.

The next year they didn't have enough beach  balls so I tried sunglasses.
Both were cute and appreciated!!
I soon realized that I should  have ordered them online at Dollar Tree and we wouldn't have had the trouble... but the sunglasses were a hit.  Click the pictures for the links to the DollarTree.com

This is a new option (have a ball this summer)... 
I'm going to check it out tonight.

I'd love to hear your ideas for end of year gifts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

End of Level Math Review

This week we have been preparing for our End of Level Math Test.
Today we got up and moved around the classroom searching for task cards and recording our answers.  The kids have informed me that they are Math Masters and ready for the test!! ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Keep them reading all summer!!

The end of the year is coming quickly...
17 days left in Utah!

I received my load of gumballs from Amazon yesterday...
we filled the bags, stapled the topper and created a quick booklet for my little kiddos.
Nothing like a little treat to say goodbye BUT keep them reading ;)

I have a few other gifts up my sleeve for the kiddos and parent volunteers.
I'll share within the next couple days!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Necklace

Mrs. Evans is in chaos mode...
Having moved our family and leaving a sub for a few days...
I feel as though I need to run, but can't get my achy legs to move ANY faster :)
On top of that my little man had his annual appointment up at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday also.  He got the thumbs up and lollipop to celebrate.
I count my blessings every time I visit the hospital and see so many little people with life long struggles.  We are so blessed.

Anyways... back at school...
my darling team was prepping for Mother's Day...
holy smokes that is coming up... in 5 days!!!
No worries...
Here is an easy, fun, memorable gift for your kiddos to make and give their mother.
We made the necklaces last year and had a fabulous time.
The kids were sure they were giving their mother's 
the most expensive piece of jewelry ever!!! hee!hee!
I blogged the instructions here.

We added this easy, coupon booklet to go with the necklace.
The kids were thrilled!

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May 3 and 4th for Teacher Appreciation Days!!