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Monday, April 25, 2016

A New Look for Lory

How fun is this???
I am so excited for a little update to this little blog.
It feels so good to freshen things up a bit.

The only problem is...
things have freshened up both professionally AND personally.
My family and I are smack dab in the middle of moving to our new home!
It is so exciting and SO MUCH WORK.
(I know people do it everyday and survive ... I will too ;)

As I write this post, I am sitting on my living room FLOOR!
Yep, no furniture in the house for comfort (except mattresses).
We thought it was easier to sell it online and have people come pick it up... and then...
buy new furniture AND have it delivered to the new house.. ta-da.
Might be the lazy mans way of moving...
but it has been a lot of fun.

SO... very soon... 
I will be celebrating my new design with a party of giveaways, treats,
 and lots of Diet Pepsi with pebble ice! 
Please be sure to come back and celebrate with me.

Thanks to Alexis for sharing her amazing talents.
You can find her at:

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