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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Test Prep Fun

It always amazes me how quickly End of Level testing comes.
As soon as we return from Spring Break the time just whizzes by.

We are constantly doing spiral reviews using Daily language and Daily Math but it's always fun to introduce them to different activities to prepare for the big test.

Last year I bought these little white boxes at Dollar Tree and filled them with 20 different ELA review activities ... the kids loved them.
The Boxed Up Review has a student booklet for organization because they work on them throughout the day... when they have a few minutes or complete an assignment quickly.

I have 4 tables in my classroom... so I kept it simple and just made 4 sets and placed them in a blue basket in the center of each table.
I was a bit lazy storing the baskets last year... I stacked them up inside each other ;)
Guess I'll just dust off the top and set them out again this year!! Nice!

Math has an easy to manage review also ;)
Actually... a couple... the first is Monster Math Review.

It is in booklet form and 
reviews each of the 33 math standards in a fun way.
Some days it is a quiet, independent assignment, some days a partner share... some days it is a take home to complete and teach your parent ;)

This 2nd math review is a mover.
It consists of 40 task cards and an answer sheet.
I place cards around the room and kids locate, solve and 
write their answer in the appropriate box.
Once again... it is easy to prepare, 
easy to engage and
 easy to see who still needs help with a skill.

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