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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Teacher, what time is it?

It's that time of the year again...
telling time to the 5 minutes.
This little clock of mine (actually poster board size ;) is going on about 10 years. Shh!!
It still does the trick and doesn't look too bad.
The little stickers represent the minutes in between each larger number.
The visual just seems to help!!

This is my FAVORITE app for telling time.
It is called Telling Time Quiz.  It is free but worth $10!!!
It really helps me see which kiddos are mastering the concepts AND
it breaks it down to the various skills:
:00 :30 Half Past :15 :45 :10 :20 :30 :40

This is the form that I use in my class... I add the student names to the left and then as they master the various skills... they show me on their Ipad (we don't have 1 to 1) and I mark it off.
Those needing extra help have their parents download it at home also.
It is quick moving and visually quite appealing.

Of course, we always enjoy a game board for fast finishers,
 5 minute review in the lesson or activity for homework.
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