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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Math Helps and Homework for the YEAR!!!

Needing some supplemental materials for your math program?
Don't have a math program...
No problem... these Math Helps have been helping many of us for years...

Now... Math Helps are combined with Weekly Math Homework.
Why not?  

(sample below showing Common Core standard, game board on back and 
activities to complete within the week with parent signature)

Each week has all you see above...
Easy to prepare, easy to organize.

If we teach things in different order... no big deal... 
set up your 4 term binders that way you like.

Have the same look with your math all year long.
It helps with routine and classroom management.

Each week takes on a look of its own with cute graphics...
but the format stays the same... 
Homework includes a hands on... action packed homework page for each week.
Teacher, parents and students have enjoyed the change and variety for nightly practice.

Each week (Common Core Standard) is sold individually if you'd like to look a bit closer.

2nd grade math is the best... let it be fun and easy to teach with MATH HELPS.

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