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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Math Game Boards

I am SO excited to post this newest project to my store!!
It is perfect for any math instruction or practice...
and a fabulous way to encourage math reviews for End Of Level Testing 
in the classroom and at home with families.

Each game board is 1 page (offered in a colored version or black and white).
Materials and directions are simple and easy to access and understand...
and ... graphics are adorable!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Test Prep Fun

It always amazes me how quickly End of Level testing comes.
As soon as we return from Spring Break the time just whizzes by.

We are constantly doing spiral reviews using Daily language and Daily Math but it's always fun to introduce them to different activities to prepare for the big test.

Last year I bought these little white boxes at Dollar Tree and filled them with 20 different ELA review activities ... the kids loved them.
The Boxed Up Review has a student booklet for organization because they work on them throughout the day... when they have a few minutes or complete an assignment quickly.

I have 4 tables in my classroom... so I kept it simple and just made 4 sets and placed them in a blue basket in the center of each table.
I was a bit lazy storing the baskets last year... I stacked them up inside each other ;)
Guess I'll just dust off the top and set them out again this year!! Nice!

Math has an easy to manage review also ;)
Actually... a couple... the first is Monster Math Review.

It is in booklet form and 
reviews each of the 33 math standards in a fun way.
Some days it is a quiet, independent assignment, some days a partner share... some days it is a take home to complete and teach your parent ;)

This 2nd math review is a mover.
It consists of 40 task cards and an answer sheet.
I place cards around the room and kids locate, solve and 
write their answer in the appropriate box.
Once again... it is easy to prepare, 
easy to engage and
 easy to see who still needs help with a skill.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

Easter is so quick this year!!!
This is a fun way to review and celebrate with BINGO, too!!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Math Helps and Homework for the YEAR!!!

Needing some supplemental materials for your math program?
Don't have a math program...
No problem... these Math Helps have been helping many of us for years...

Now... Math Helps are combined with Weekly Math Homework.
Why not?  

(sample below showing Common Core standard, game board on back and 
activities to complete within the week with parent signature)

Each week has all you see above...
Easy to prepare, easy to organize.

If we teach things in different order... no big deal... 
set up your 4 term binders that way you like.

Have the same look with your math all year long.
It helps with routine and classroom management.

Each week takes on a look of its own with cute graphics...
but the format stays the same... 
Homework includes a hands on... action packed homework page for each week.
Teacher, parents and students have enjoyed the change and variety for nightly practice.

Each week (Common Core Standard) is sold individually if you'd like to look a bit closer.

2nd grade math is the best... let it be fun and easy to teach with MATH HELPS.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Math Station Memories

Are your math students needing a boost to get through the next 3 months?
Are your students participating in activities that are hands on, 
organized and proven successful over and over?

After reading Debbie Diller's Math Stations book, my view, understanding and appreciation for math stations began.  I had taught for years without stations.  I thought it was fluff and worried about making the most of my classroom minutes.

In her book... she guides you with appropriate, structured activities and routines to use in your classroom.   It is so clear and helpful.

I have shared various photos of my students and other classrooms using these stations.
You are welcome to view them here and here.

Each month is set up with 12 stations using the same structure and organization.
This is helpful because the students can focus on the specific monthly skills without having to be told new instructions and routines.
The partners work together to understand the Task Card, use the Talk Card, complete the hands on activity, class book and independent assignment.
Once completed they are able to practice their basic math facts together while playing the Math Facts Game Board until the bell rings to end the station session.

My students complete 1 station each afternoon M-Th.
It is fabulous 25 minutes of math talk, action and enthusiasm.

The pictures below gives you an idea of the pieces inside 
EACH of the 12 math stations for the month.

As requested... for my teacher friends without a color printer...
I have revamped the Monthly Math Stations for black and white printing only.
Copy the stations on colored paper instead.
This file has all of the same components as the colored version without the colored graphics. 

For a bit... I am offering my March and
 brand new Black and White March Math Stations for 
50% off.
Grab the set... give your students and classroom an activity to remember all month long.

Be sure to pick up a free rotation chart for your stations.
Available in a few colors.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

There Was An Old Lady Giveaway

First week in March... Springtime is around the corner.
The days are getting sunnier, warmer and a bit longer...
Could winter be over... could we be this lucky?

It's the month of luck and green clovers...
Let's find out how lucky you are...
I'm giving away the Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shamrock 
to 3 lucky followers.  This file is not only fun for the kiddos, but easy to assemble and a great way to review skills already taught.
This fun little book report/craftivity below is a hit with the little one.
They love to take it home and retell the story to their family in their own words.

All you have to do is leave a comment below sharing a favorite St. Patrick's Day tradition you do with your students at school.  I'll choose the winners on Friday.

Kynda, Callie & Keshia
are the winners!!

Until then... here is a quick syllable printable to share.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Lucky Charm Math

A 1/2 cup of Lucky Charms, a 1/2 hour of class time and you'll have a fun, math review for your students including graphing,sorting, addition, subtraction, patterning and more.

Even as a grown adult... I prefer the charms!!!
Can you imagine a bowl of this!!!!  :) TGIF

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Making a STEP BOOK...
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Teacher, what time is it?

It's that time of the year again...
telling time to the 5 minutes.
This little clock of mine (actually poster board size ;) is going on about 10 years. Shh!!
It still does the trick and doesn't look too bad.
The little stickers represent the minutes in between each larger number.
The visual just seems to help!!

This is my FAVORITE app for telling time.
It is called Telling Time Quiz.  It is free but worth $10!!!
It really helps me see which kiddos are mastering the concepts AND
it breaks it down to the various skills:
:00 :30 Half Past :15 :45 :10 :20 :30 :40

This is the form that I use in my class... I add the student names to the left and then as they master the various skills... they show me on their Ipad (we don't have 1 to 1) and I mark it off.
Those needing extra help have their parents download it at home also.
It is quick moving and visually quite appealing.

Of course, we always enjoy a game board for fast finishers,
 5 minute review in the lesson or activity for homework.
Thanks for stopping by... you can also visit me at

Check out the posts linked below for ideas and freebies for your class, 
& click on the last post to win a $25 gift card from our group of bloggers!

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