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Monday, February 1, 2016

Simple Spirals

This month I'm not sharing anything new or earth shattering... just something that I have learned to appreciate as a busy, second grade teacher.

Each Back to School I purchase each of my students a spiral notebook.  They are usually very inexpensive and easy to find.  I buy a few of each color so that I can correct/ look through 4-5 at a time vs. the entire class at a time.  Red is handed in on Monday, Blue on Tuesday, Green on Wednesday, Yellow on Thursday and Purple on Friday.

 I buy one for myself also.  I usually complete part (if not all) of the assignment with the kiddos using the document camera so they can see the format etc.
However, that is about it for structure...
other than the date... we always date our work.

I love the spirals because we can just pull them out...
 turn to the next free page and get to work.
I don't need to plan ahead with a worksheet or graphic organizer... 
we can make our own.

We use them for spelling, reading,

math, grammar, science, quick jots, math scratch.... ANYTHING!

They are not fancy or decorated (I guess they could be though Mrs. Evans ;)
The students LOVE them.  
They are a slow progress and portfolio of their work throughout the year. 
 They love to show their parents at conference time.
 It is nice to have something ready to be shown and seen by parents...
especially when it doesn't require extra time and effort from me at that crazy time.

These are a few samples pages... 
truly it is endless what can and is in this little notebook.
I wish I would have felt more inclined or empowered to do more informal activities like these earlier in my teaching career.
It is not realistic to have everything perfectly formatted in cute font with darling clipart and bordered in adorable art for EVERYTHING we use in our classroom.
Let go... for yourself and the kids.
My suggestion ... try a simple SPIRAL... they work.

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