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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Spicing Up Your Math Homework

Are you looking to freshen up your math homework...
get the kids more engaged in the standard you are covering...
include the parents a bit more?

I enjoy watching my students participate and chat about their mathematics.  I believe they teach each other as they discuss their new math skills and vocabulary.  I created this file with the intent of providing my students and parents with this particular opportunity.  Monday I will copy the game board and homework side back to back and send it home. Each night throughout the week, the students will choose and complete at least 1 square and then color the box in. Friday, the students will return the  page with a parent signature verifying the  completed work. My hope is to provide an opportunity to explore more math at home in a fun way.

Lory Evans

Each week is just ONE piece of paper...
copied back to back.
When I prepare the sheets, I usually do the entire term (9 weeks) at the same time. I copy each week a different color so we can easily refer to a specific week.

Because these come back to me on Friday...
I hold on to them in a basket... the week before SEP conferences,
I three hole punch them and hand them back to the students.
Once the kids have their past homework, they place them all into a 3 prong folder that I purchased at the Back to School sales.
Within 5 minutes they have a folder of math games of the math standards that we have covered so far in class.
(This is where the colors help... "I'm missing the green one.." "The blue one was my favorite."  "My red one is still on the refrigerator, I need to bring it back.")

At SEP Conferences, the kids earn a brag tag IF they brought back ALL 9 math homework pages.  This opens up a little discussion like...
"I didn't know he had to return these to class." (even though it says so on the paper ;)
"Honey, let's make sure we complete and return them all next term so you can earn your brag tag."

We continue this each term (4 times a year).
At the end of the school year... each student has 36 math games in their folder.
They are familiar with the standards and rules to the games.
The last week of school... I hand the folders back to the students with a small bag of dice (I purchase from the Dollar Tree)  and transparent chips (very inexpensive from the district warehouse).  That way the students can continue to play the games throughout the summer and keep the math skills up to snuff.

I'm always looking for ways to keep it fresh...
I'd love to hear your classroom ideas and secrets to keep them engaged.

Math Homework for the WHOLE year in 2nd grade has been accepted very well.
I was so pleased to receive many requests for 1st grade...
that I made a similar set with 1st grade standards... it has been praised, too!!
I'm so happy to know that families are spending time together!!
Encourage your first graders to study, actively participate, master each Common Core math standard and enjoy math homework all year long...
Teachers enjoy less paper work, copying and spending our ever shrinking budget on paper!

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