Sunday, December 13, 2015

File Folder Literacy Centers

12 simple centers are prepared for your students to complete on their own. Each topic contains a hands on activity and independent assignment (found in the student booklet... for easy organization and fewer papers and copying).
Topics covered:
ABC order
Compound Words

I use these stations as my Word Work during Daily 5. Each topic has it's own file. Inside the file students find the cover page and hands on activity. They keep their student booklet in their book box. If they finish their assignment before time is up... they read a book in their box. A Punch Card was placed on the back of the student booklet to help the students keep track of topics they have completed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! These look awesome and I'm very interested in purchasing them. I'm just wondering if you can explain how these work during centers if more than one child is doing the file folders. Typically, I'll have about 4-5 students in one center at a time, so I just want to make sure this is possible. I'd love to buy the bundle for the B2S TPT sale.