Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Graphing

Who says math can't be fun???
Halloween seems to scream exactly that to me.
I love it!!
When pulling this activity out... I had to giggle at the costumes.
Although these are the true Halloween costumes...
I might need to update with Minions, Captain America etc.
Either way... we have a fun time with the holiday during math for an afternoon.
Each student gets to choose their favorite Halloween costume.
Some years I let the kids color them... last year I printed them on the color printer and saved them... so NO coloring this year.
Once you complete the class graph... the kiddos get to
 show their math stuff using the new data.
This activity covers bar and line graphing, even and odd, tally marks, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction and math vocabulary.

I'm off this week to buy pumpkins for Pumpkin Math next week!
Yummy and stinky and fun!
Be sure you pick up Betty Crocker fruit snacks for another fun, Halloween, math activity.

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