Saturday, August 8, 2015

1st Day Student Gift

 Aaahhh!!!  I'm in denial.... summer is coming to an end!
I'm not ready to shed my pjs before noon!!
Don't get me wrong... 
I love my job and I can't wait to chat with my best friends again.... but...
easy, summer livin' is nice!!

I've been to Walmart, Target and the Dollar Tree too many times.
This is a project for my kiddos that I have actually completed.
It is for a little something on their desk the first day of school.  
I thought it would be fun for all of to wear one the first day together.
It is by no means my own idea (thank you Pinterest ;)
I uploaded the copy below if anyone else is interested in glowing the first day ;)
I bought my bracelets at the Dollar Tree 8/pkg for $1.

If you would rather have your name printed on them,
 leave me a comment with the spelling 
and an email address that I can get them to you ;)

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