Monday, July 13, 2015

Math Stations Babies

I have so much to blog about my week in Las Vegas... 
however, the post is not complete and my thoughts are still all over... so
I thought that I would cross off 1 thing from my list of reader requests...

Yes, I am finished with my Math Stations....
it was like giving birth to each grade level.
Each time I was asked to create a new grade level...
 I forgot the pain of finishing the grade level prior.
I put my heart and soul into them.
They are my little Math Station babies!!!
Once each grade level was finished... I bundled them for a savings. 

I realize it is a rather large investment without seeing everything.
So I have discounted the first month 50% so you can see the quality and contents.
Each month is formatted the same.
I choose 3 standards in each of the 4 critical areas.
- Numbers and Operation in Base Ten
- Operations and Algebraic Thinking
- Measurement and Data
- Geometry

I have had questions regarding District Licenses...
 for those purchases please contact me personally and we can work together.

June went WAY too quickly.
Here's to July slowing down and finding time to relax!!!
xo Lory
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Mrs. Schlickbernd said...

I have been using your math stations with my second graders for two full years. My students love them! They are a nice balance of hands-on practice as well as pencil and paper work. I love the booklet that they keep all of their work in. I only have to make one set of copies each month! In fact, one of the first tasks for my high school aide every year is to make all of the months' booklets so they are done for the year. I love how independent these make my students! Thanks for all of your hard work on these.

Lory said...

Mrs. Schlickbernd,
Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad that they are working for you and your kiddos. It is so nice to have them ready and prepared for the next year... after all that work ;)