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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Double Deal - Monthly Printables

I know some friends think that 'PRINTABLES' are a waste of time.
I have to disagree a bit. 
 I am not one for worksheets...
 in fact my classroom is quite the opposite with Daily 5, literacy centers & math stations.


However, 2 years ago I began creating these files for my classroom. 
Each month has 12 math reviews/activities and 12 ELA reviews/activities.
They are a spiral review of the standards throughout the year.

I always have a few pages copied and ready to go at the beginning of each month for the 'crazy moments' when I need something  for my students to complete.  I don't like to lose any classroom management, due to a fall through or moment of flexibility.
  I hope I'm not the only teacher that has these moments every once in a while... 

They have also come in handy for a mini lesson/review to leave with a substitute.
When I finished the entire year September - June... I bundled them for a savings.
Each month is $5... the bundle of 10 months is $40...
 for the rest of the month I'm dropping the bundle price to

If you could use a stress free, quality, independent activity for your classroom...
 check these out... at a great price!!!

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