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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Student Daily Journals

I got my Home Depot on today!
A little PVC pipe and duct tape...

Then I ran over to Walmart to pick up some 17 cent spirals
 and ribbon to make my kiddos student journals.

I saw this on idea on Pinterest... a little bookmark that won't escape.

Just a couple weeks of summer break left for us here in Utah...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Let's Really Write!

This is my newest....

Writing is my area of effort this upcoming year...

not just creative writing...
informational writing...
opinion writing and
narrative writing!

This file has a graphic organizer and final draft page for the 4 writing types
for each month of the school year.

The file was created with a couple different ideas in mind.
a couple of blog followers wanted a product that they could 
copy and bind in a booklet form to work on throughout the year.

I plan to use the file each week while focusing on a specific writing style... 
at the end of the month... I'll invite the students to choose their favorite(s) to add to their Student Portfolio.

so many options... but one that we will use to reach Mrs. Evans' goal this year!!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Double Deal - Monthly Printables

I know some friends think that 'PRINTABLES' are a waste of time.
I have to disagree a bit. 
 I am not one for worksheets...
 in fact my classroom is quite the opposite with Daily 5, literacy centers & math stations.


However, 2 years ago I began creating these files for my classroom. 
Each month has 12 math reviews/activities and 12 ELA reviews/activities.
They are a spiral review of the standards throughout the year.

I always have a few pages copied and ready to go at the beginning of each month for the 'crazy moments' when I need something  for my students to complete.  I don't like to lose any classroom management, due to a fall through or moment of flexibility.
  I hope I'm not the only teacher that has these moments every once in a while... 

They have also come in handy for a mini lesson/review to leave with a substitute.
When I finished the entire year September - June... I bundled them for a savings.
Each month is $5... the bundle of 10 months is $40...
 for the rest of the month I'm dropping the bundle price to

If you could use a stress free, quality, independent activity for your classroom...
 check these out... at a great price!!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

McGraw Hill Trifolds

Here's an easy way to keep organized and cover all of your curriculum each week while using the McGraw Hill WONDERS program.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Enter Slips or Exit Slips?

 This growing bundle is now complete with
196 slips covering 2.OA, 2.NBT, 2.MD and 2.G.

For easy storage... I copied mine white and then a color to separate the sets.
I plan to create only 4 dividers to place between the OA,NBT, MD and G.

Haven't quite decided if they will open my day or close my day... 
but they are ready to go!
Organizing my school day is planned for another day ;)

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Math Stations Babies

I have so much to blog about my week in Las Vegas... 
however, the post is not complete and my thoughts are still all over... so
I thought that I would cross off 1 thing from my list of reader requests...

Yes, I am finished with my Math Stations....
it was like giving birth to each grade level.
Each time I was asked to create a new grade level...
 I forgot the pain of finishing the grade level prior.
I put my heart and soul into them.
They are my little Math Station babies!!!
Once each grade level was finished... I bundled them for a savings. 

I realize it is a rather large investment without seeing everything.
So I have discounted the first month 50% so you can see the quality and contents.
Each month is formatted the same.
I choose 3 standards in each of the 4 critical areas.
- Numbers and Operation in Base Ten
- Operations and Algebraic Thinking
- Measurement and Data
- Geometry

I have had questions regarding District Licenses...
 for those purchases please contact me personally and we can work together.

June went WAY too quickly.
Here's to July slowing down and finding time to relax!!!
xo Lory
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July

So grateful to live in America!!!
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Treasures Reading Program

Hi friends, months ago I shared a product I created for my new WONDERS reading program.  I was looking for something to help me cover all my content areas each week without feeling overwhelmed.

This little tri-fold covers spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, structural analysis and mechanics each week... on a 1 page assignment.... printed back to back and folded like a brochure. 

I am happy to say they indeed helped me cover my content, but even happier to report that many of you found them very helpful as well.   I'm so glad.

A cute blogger friend, Joanne Lancaster, reached out to me asking if I might create something similar for the TREASURES program.  It was not on my to - do list and I felt I wouldn't do the best job if my heart wasn't in it and my fingers weren't in the books.... so...
Joanne ask if she could use my template to create TREASURE TRI-FOLDS...
I'm happy to say I just heard back from her and she has done just that for Unit 1 and 2.
If you are using this program... go check it out:

or purchase it at her store.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Teacher I'm Done - AUGUST

As requested for my year round school friends... 
August "Teacher, I'm Done!" Task Cards are completed and posted.

I also added it to the BUNDLE.
If you purchased this file, be sure to download the new addition.
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