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Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up

Welcome to Lory's Page!!
I'm excited to participate in the SUMMER STOCK UP this year with so many darling friends, teachers and examples. I can't wait to stock up on many new products for my own 2nd grade classroom.

Today, I'd like to share one of my classroom favorites...
"Teacher, I'm Done!" Task Cards

We all have those students that seem to excel at their class work and look forward to a challenge.  As a teacher...it is a fabulous 'situation' to have... 
if you are prepared with a proper activity.

A few years ago... I had 6 boys that were tremendous students.  They were hard workers, kind kids, patient, motivated and independent (dreams!!!).  
They always finished quickly and I wanted to give them something 'more' than...
"Go silent read." or "Go help another student."

So..."Teacher, I'm Done!" Task cards came to be.
I created this peg board with 12 silver hanging pegs.
Each month the cards change (Back to School, Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving etc)... offering my top students a variety of skills to master.

Along with the cards, I created a simple student booklet for the kids that were going to be working on this challenge.  I actually invited this handful of students out into the hall and expressed my admiration for their hard work and academic achievements.  I also told them that I had a challenge to offer them... that is when I handed out the booklet, showed them the peg board (with cards) and gave the instructions.

The instructions are simple...
whenever they have completed their classroom requirements, they are invited to take out their booklet, take a set of task cards off the peg board, head back to their desk to complete the task and challenge their mind.

There are 12 sets of task cards each month...  6 Math and 6 ELA.
Each are designed to be complete independently without the student interrupting the teacher's schedule.   

The students have all the materials needed to complete the challenge on their own.
Sets do not have to be completed in a particular order... so if the one they were looking for is being used by another... no problem... they can grab another set.

To help them stay organized and recognize their progress...
each time they complete a set... they use a hole punch to punch the back of their booklet... when all the sets are punched, their booklets should be complete and all the task cards have been used and mastered.  
At this point they have accomplished their challenge!

They earn "extra credit", feel a sense of accomplishment, recognize their leadership and often times earned a treat from Mrs. Evans.

The cherry on top was the additional kids that worked hardER to get their hands on a task card booklet...
  They wanted the challenge also!
 They focused and completed more in the classroom, so they could participate.

It was a win, win for all of us.
I wasn't faced with the dreaded "Teacher, I'm Done!" phrase anymore...
my top students were excelling on their own...
and... overall each of my students tried harder in the classroom.

I was so happy with the first month...
I created additional sets for each month!!

The following year, 
I accepted the challenge (from teachers around the country)
 to create task card sets for 1st grade also.
I'm happy to say... I completed my challenge, too!

Right now, I'm offering a set of task cards FREE for you try out in your classroom. 
It is a FAIRY TALE theme so it can be used any month.
Just click the top picture below to visit my store and download your copy.

 Enjoy your summer break!!

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