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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bright Ideas - Management

It's been awhile since I joined in the BRIGHT ideas Blog Hop.
Now that summer is here, I'm finding a bit more time...

I wanted to share something very simple that I used last year in my classroom.

We begin the year reading No David books and discuss his behavior... 
then list behaviors that are ABOVE THE LINE (great behaviors)
 BELOW THE LINE (needing improvement) and 
BOTTOM LINE (requiring serious attention ;)

After the initial discussions.... I created this chart to hang on one of my boards.
Each student has a magnet (labeled with their special number).
As a class you can decide what the consequences for each is...
My class decided that if you move down to
BELOW the LINE... you must stay in at recess and think about how you need to improve your classroom work and behavior.
BOTTOM LINE requires a call home to mom and dad.

We all start ABOVE THE LINE each day... if behavior requires attention
I just simply say ... "Max go move your magnet" and continue on without interrupting our lesson. It's simple and easy and EFFECTIVE.

It worked so well... I'm going to do it again...
Maybe next year I'll make it look a bit nicer ;)


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