Monday, May 25, 2015

1st and 2nd Grade WONDERS Spelling Booklet Unit 1

It will be so nice to have a year of a new reading program under our belt.
We've learned that McGraw Hill WONDERS has good and bad.... doesn't matter though...
it's a district program ... enough said!

We found that the kids needed more phonics/spelling instruction throughout the year.
The spelling lists were much more intense than in the past.


I created these little weekly booklets to go along with each of the units.
Each booklet is 6 half-pages focusing on the various skills below.

First Grade I heard you...

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Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous creations.We keep in touch

Lory said...

So glad to have you stop by Marta.

Anonymous said...

These resources are great! Just wondering...what font you used on them? Thank you for always sharing your hard work and creativity!