Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Reading Game GIVEAWAY

I was lucky enough to meet the creator of a fabulous reading tool 
at the EdExpo a few months ago in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let my introduce you to... The Reading Game...

I have been using it with my low readers in my 2nd grade class since Atlanta.
The kids have LOVED it and my sweet grandma volunteer has been so impressed with the strategy while working with some of my struggling readers.

I am very anxious to use this tool next year beginning at the start of the process and graphing their improvement throughout the year.
Let me give you a brief explanation.

The Reading Game comes with all the tools you see above.
The color coding is so nice for easy organization.

 You begin with the Red Skunk Set...
This set contains the first 30 Dolch/High Frequency words the kids will practice and master.

The first step is a game... using Set 1 create a quick array for a fun memory activity.
The student chooses 2 cards... reading the cards as they flip them over. 
When a match is made... they place the pair to the side and continue until all the cards are matched and read without hesitation.

When the final match is made and all cards are able to be read without hesitation... begin on Set 2 of the red cards and repeat the process.

After completing Set 1 and 2... they will have practiced and learned 10 words and will be ready to read the...

SKUNK card containing the 10 words in a small, comfortable amount of context.

Repeat the process with sets 3 and 4 and 5 and 6.
The repetition is so appreciated by the kiddos. 
They anticipate the next step and quickly learn 30 words from the Red Cards.

and are now able to read the SKUNK book containing 30 words in a longer,
illustrated text.

This practice and process continues throughout the 6 different colored sets.

By the time the students have completed Sets 1-6... 
they be able to recognize and read 180 Dolch/High Frequency words 
both isolated and in text.

In the box, you will find an index of the words studied in each set.

And... more helpful information on the back of the box.

I believe a great educational tool needs to be talked about, 
shared and used by educators everywhere....
That is why I am SO excited to announce that I have not one but two
 of these games to giveaway to 2 lucky blog friends.

All you have to do is enter below and cross your fingers!!
The giveaway will end May 21st and the 2 winners will be announced
 Saturday morning.

Too excited to wait... want to purchase your set for next year now?
That is easy also... visit:

or stop by
The Scholastic Bonus Catalog,
 where teachers can get the game for 1190 points
 if you are part of the Scholastic Book Club.

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Libby Sue said...

I am a granny. Entering to win for my daughter who is homeschooling.

Unknown said...

We work a lot on Dolch words, phonics, and chunking words.

Karyn said...

We work A LOT on phonemic awareness! Most of my struggling readers lack PA skills. We also work on phonics and blending and writing words.

Melinda said...

Lots of repeated practice to build up word recognition, decoding, and fluency. They LOVE games!

tsuche said...

We just keep practicing , games until we get it. Thank you for the giveaway!

Callie said...

Wahoo! Giveaways! This looks like a really great tool to use as an intervention/small group activity!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

A focus on phonemic awareness, repetition, multiple exposure to sight words and small group intervention:)

Primary Planet said...

I do individual reading conferences that focus on what that child needs. It depends mostly on what they are working on. I think this would be a great game to incorporated during guided reading!
Primary Planet!

peggy27 said...

would be great to use with my second graders anything that is a game they love

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