Friday, April 24, 2015

Work on Writing Giveaway

We are entering BBQ season... at least here in Utah...
 so the kids were excited for a new Write On titled Summer BBQ this week.
(clip the picture above to download it for your classroom)

This little form above has become a staple to my writers.
They feel comfortable pre-writing and planning their stories on it .
(click on the picture above to download a copy for your kiddos)

We continue to add the cards to each of our Work on Writing Boxes.
We just punch a hole in the corner and slide the silver ring through.
Each of my kids have a spiral notebook that they keep in their book box to write their stories and drafts in.
By this time of the year... their spiral is precious!!
Full of all sorts of writing pieces... covering many different topics and skills.

If you are interested in winning a set of Write On cards...
leave a comment and email below.
I will give a set away to 8 lucky winners on Wednesday.

All Write on Bundle Sets 1 - 8 are on sale this weekend 50% off.

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Suzy Q said... have so many great sets of cards! Would love to win a set! tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Ashley said...

You are so very generous! I would love a set!

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff and would love one of these, too.

Susan K. said...

These are so colorful and fun! Love them!

Unknown said...

Wow, these are great! I would love this for my class!

Unknown said...

You are such a huge part of my classroom already with all of your Wonders materials! This is something I truly NEED to give my writing a MUCH needed boost. You ROCK Lory! I would love love love to win these!!!

Melinda said...

I'd love to win!

Anonymous said...

These would be amazing for my Grade 1s and 2s!!

Anonymous said...

I have loved using your products in my classroom. I would love to have these.

Unknown said...

I bought a few of these and would LOVE a set!