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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Literacy Centers and Daily 5

It always surprises me when 4th term comes around...
 I never seem to be ready for the end of the year... at the same time... 
so excited to wrap things up.

I was asked to explain or show my Literacy Centers that I use in my classroom during Daily 5.  I created these a couple years ago for Word Work.  My co-worker, dear friend and partner in crime and I thought our 2nd graders were able to do so much more during this specific 'daily'... so the monthly literacy centers were created.

The format is the same each month.
We focus on the same 12 ELA standards, just change out the look and specifics.
By March... they are pros... no questions... just independent and confident.
I store them in the little boxes below (from Wal-Mart).

Each month the students get a booklet (see below).
Each day during Daily 5 Word Work... they choose a box they need to complete for the month... take it to their seat and begin their work.

First, they complete the hands on activity.
Afterward, they find the page in their booklet to record their answers.
On the back of the booklet... they find a list of the 12 standards they need to complete. They punch (with a hole punch) of the activity they finished 
to help stay organized for the month.

We've wondered what other 2nd grade teachers have decided for their Word Work.
These have worked great for us... but we love to hear other ideas.

September -June are available.
They are marked down for the rest of the week for my followers that asked for the explanation ... I hope I answered your questions... If not, leave me a question below and I'll get back to you!!

Many requested an August edition...

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