Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ELA Test Prep

It's time to review our skills and prepare the kiddos for the test!
One of my goals was to get a ELA test prep together...
just in time... 20 ELA Activities ready for review.

It can be a guided, group activity or independent assignment for quick finishers, free time, extra time or scheduled time.

Each set of cards has a colored border to keep things organized, however, you can easily copy the cards on different colored card stock to help with this also.
I purchased little white boxes from Dollar Tree (they come in packages of 10) for each set and then placed them in a basket in the center of each table.

 I gave each student a booklet with all the pages and turned the assignment over to them.  Sometimes they have specific time to work on them... other times they use them when they finish a bit earlier than others.  They love them.  

Each set has a hands on activity and then an independent assignment to complete.

 Last year I worked on Math test prep... 
we already have them out and are working on them.
Next year... will be a breeze!! .... hahaha!

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