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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Idea

 Deanna Jump posted a darling Mother's Day Idea on Facebook the other day...
I shared it here...

My team gathered these quick materials at the craft store
 and we are good to go.
 We are so excited to have something new to give our cute moms.

Here's the Facebook link

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Teacher Gifts

My own kiddos have some wonderful teachers.
I am so grateful for their kindness and dedication...
I'd like to thank them with a great gift this year!!
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Work on Writing Giveaway

We are entering BBQ season... at least here in Utah...
 so the kids were excited for a new Write On titled Summer BBQ this week.
(clip the picture above to download it for your classroom)

This little form above has become a staple to my writers.
They feel comfortable pre-writing and planning their stories on it .
(click on the picture above to download a copy for your kiddos)

We continue to add the cards to each of our Work on Writing Boxes.
We just punch a hole in the corner and slide the silver ring through.
Each of my kids have a spiral notebook that they keep in their book box to write their stories and drafts in.
By this time of the year... their spiral is precious!!
Full of all sorts of writing pieces... covering many different topics and skills.

If you are interested in winning a set of Write On cards...
leave a comment and email below.
I will give a set away to 8 lucky winners on Wednesday.

All Write on Bundle Sets 1 - 8 are on sale this weekend 50% off.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ELA Test Prep

It's time to review our skills and prepare the kiddos for the test!
One of my goals was to get a ELA test prep together...
just in time... 20 ELA Activities ready for review.

It can be a guided, group activity or independent assignment for quick finishers, free time, extra time or scheduled time.

Each set of cards has a colored border to keep things organized, however, you can easily copy the cards on different colored card stock to help with this also.
I purchased little white boxes from Dollar Tree (they come in packages of 10) for each set and then placed them in a basket in the center of each table.

 I gave each student a booklet with all the pages and turned the assignment over to them.  Sometimes they have specific time to work on them... other times they use them when they finish a bit earlier than others.  They love them.  

Each set has a hands on activity and then an independent assignment to complete.

 Last year I worked on Math test prep... 
we already have them out and are working on them.
Next year... will be a breeze!! .... hahaha!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Earth Day!!

 Happy Earth Day!!

Where is April going?
We have so much to do before testing, however, I enjoy celebrating the simple things in life with the kiddos, too...  So we are reviewing skills AND celebrating Earth Day all week long.
We are going to cover:
place value
fact families
word problems
missing addends
telling time
subtraction and
ABC Order

 There are hands on activities for each standard and an independent assignment to complete... good news ... all in a student booklet for easy keeping and organization.
Check it out... I put it 50% off for the week!!  99+ pages of Earth Day fun!!

This is a Fraction activity that we use sunflower seeds with...

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Test Prep

Getting ready for End of Level Testing....
no problem...
Review with your students while having fun... 
This bundle contains 312 task cards...
Each of the 4 critical areas are covered.
Get 'em up... get 'em moving... get 'em reviewing...

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Thursday, April 16, 2015


How fun can idioms be?
At age 8... they required a lot of decision for understanding... but...
we did it... and the kids really enjoyed them.

This book is adorable and helps the kiddos "see" how idioms work.

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