Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bugs and Beetles... oh my!

This next week in reading it's all about BEETLES.
Actually it's about poetry but beetles are a big topic.
It is perfect timing here in Utah. 
 We've been experiencing fabulous 60-70 degree weather
 and the kids and bugs are back outside (not that we have bugs inside ;)!!

This week we are going to combine bugs and poetry in our writing and reading.
We don't get enough time to practice this writing type.
I'm using a WRITE ON set called Bugs in the Backyard to help spark some ideas and this POETRY pack to practice a few poetry forms. 

I'd love to share... if you would like to try out either product with your kids... leave a comment below with your choice... and if you have any other great resources... please share that too!
I'll choose 2 winners on Friday!!

I also posted a fun book and idea for BEETLES on Facebook... you can check it out here!

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Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to try out that poetry pack. Brigette

MJ Davis said...

Lory, you create amazing products. I'd love to come be a fly on your classroom wall and see it all in place. Thanks for your generous heart in sharing so much. I'd love your poetry pack. I'm thinking of putting together a book of students poetry as a Mother's Day gift.

MJ Davis said...

Oops wrong e-mail. Silly me.

Suzy Q said...

The poetry pack looks great...I don't have the students write enough poetry. (We read a lot, though.) Would love a chance to win it! tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the Poetry Pack! I'm passionate about poetry, but new to teaching Grade 1 (taught Grade 4 previously) and have been exploring ways to introduce different types of poetry. This would be awesome!!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I am in LOVE! My second graders just started a poetry unit. The poetry set would be a great way to brighten up our work on writing area and get the kids writing poetry!

Unknown said...

Your products are amazing! I'd love to try these resources in the classroom. My students love your task cards and I'm positive your poetry pack would be a hit as well. Thanks for all you do Lory!