Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bugs and Beetles... oh my!

This next week in reading it's all about BEETLES.
Actually it's about poetry but beetles are a big topic.
It is perfect timing here in Utah. 
 We've been experiencing fabulous 60-70 degree weather
 and the kids and bugs are back outside (not that we have bugs inside ;)!!

This week we are going to combine bugs and poetry in our writing and reading.
We don't get enough time to practice this writing type.
I'm using a WRITE ON set called Bugs in the Backyard to help spark some ideas and this POETRY pack to practice a few poetry forms. 

I'd love to share... if you would like to try out either product with your kids... leave a comment below with your choice... and if you have any other great resources... please share that too!
I'll choose 2 winners on Friday!!

I also posted a fun book and idea for BEETLES on Facebook... you can check it out here!

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