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Monday, February 2, 2015

"Teacher, I'm Done" Task Cards BUNDLED

Last year I had a dream about my exceptional kids... the ones that always finish first...
the ones that could use a bit of a challenge...
We all have them.... "Teacher, I'm Done... what can I do now?"

Problem SOLVED! 
 I took this handful of fabulous students out in the hall for a private chat.
You should have seen their faces... out in the hallway?
They were quickly relieved and excited to find out that I thought they were fabulous and wanted to challenge them as a reward.  I explained that I had placed task cards on the front wall of the classroom (quick and easy with a pushpin).  The cards were labeled Sets A-L and the booklet that I gave them for the entire month matched the cards.
Whenever they had a few free minutes, they were invited to borrow a set (each set is hooked together with a silver ring) from the wall.  The kids took them back to their seats to complete the set.  
Their goal is to complete all the task cards before the end of the month.
If completed and handed in... they get "extra credit"... more importantly a treat!

I was so surprised to hear a few very positive comments from parents week at
 SEP conferences.
The parents appreciated the personal, academic challenge I gave their student.
I was excited because I never mentioned it to the parents,
 but the kids were proud of their new goal and opportunity.

This is my second year using them.  They are so easy to manage, but better than that... they are a great management tool for a busy classroom.

I was asked to bundle my "Teacher, I'm Done" task cards for the whole year!
Great idea.... so I did and discounted it as well.  
Purchase the bundle and you'll be getting 1 month free.
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