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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Narrative Writing

 A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my dear friend Janiel Wagstaff and her fabulous Stella books.  We purchased many sets for our grade level/school and everyone is loving them!!! 

Last week my students and I read the narrative book called Stella Tells Her Story.
It was wonderful.  The kids were so excited to share her day!
Afterwards, we discussed and reviewed the ideas we learned about organizing our thoughts before we start our story.  The following graphic is one that we use all the time in class.  I added the First, next, then and last for this assignment.
Each student wrote about an adventure they went on using this bit of vocabulary.        They loved it!!   I don't revise and publish EVER writing assignment we do in class.  This particular one was bound in the rough draft form for others to read.

 Janiel was named Member of the Month  at the International Literacy Association. 
Take a minute to read her interview!!
You're amazing friend!! xo
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1 comment:

Janiel Wagstaff said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks Lory! Often wish I was back at Creekside teaching with you! You never know what a new year will bring, eh?
xxoo -Janiel