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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meaningful Math Fillers

I was asked how I handle the kids that finish their independent math assignments before everyone else.  This happens in all of our class many times throughout the day.
This particular question was for math... so I thought I'd share what works for us in room 8.

I have a little math station (pictured above) with dice, chips and spinners. It is set up for kids to independently get AND PUT AWAY ;)  Next to the drawers are game boards with directions.

The games are seasonal OR specific to the math standard for the week (or review from last week).  The kids have their assignment checked by me and then I ask them to put the assignment in their mailbox to take home and go wait for a partner.  The very next friend who comes to my desk to have their paper corrected does the same thing (unless they need to fix a few mistakes).  The 2 meet each other at the math station, decide on a game, get their tools and find a place in the room to sit and play.  They love it and I love the flexibility it gives me to work with individuals without interruption.

Since I was asked this question and I knew my response immediately... I thought I'd take a few pictures of the kids in action.  (sorry the pictures are a bit gloomy... didn't realize the lens had be switched.... thanks Max!)  It was so much fun to walk around and listen to their conversation...  all math related and so rewarding to hear them helping each other or share 'tips' that help them solve the problem. 

"ooPs!" said Max!

What do you do with fast math finishers?

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a bundle of all/most of your math games?

Alane said...

And do students then to to math stations? Or is that at another time during the day?

Lory said...

I don't have them bundled. I should!! We do math stations at the end of the day... from rotating the chart to stacking the boxes back it takes 25 minutes... 5 minutes to clean up and back up backpack and out the door ;)