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Saturday, February 7, 2015

ELA Mini Lessons

 It was a great week... a busy week... but great week!
My oldest son, Alex, turned 14 on the 5th!
He is a fantastic kid!  I count my blessings for him everyday.

My sweet friend, in the classroom next door, 
started measuring Alex on my classroom wall this past school year.  
 Sept 24th, she measured both Alex and I and marked it on the wall.
 Then on Jan 23rd she measured Alex again. 
He's been waiting for the day that he was taller than mama...
It happened... my 5'8" was passed... (tear)
Actually, I'm very proud of him and the decisions and accomplishments that he has made so far in his young life.
I continue to remind him that he might be taller than me now... but I'll always be wiser ;)
ha,ha!! I love being a mom!!

Next, Lance had major elbow surgery... Bless his heart. It was much more than he expected.  He'll be off work for 2 months and learning to mop and vacuum with his left hand ;) j/k... Max surprised us the evening Lance came home from surgery.  He went upstairs, found an ace bandage, wrapped his arm, came  down in the living room and prop his arm up on a pillow 'just like dad'.  "Mom, me... ow-ie, too!"
Did I mention ... I love being a mom!

I also received snail mail this week from my sweet friend Nikki.
Don't you love snail mail?  Especially when it isn't a bill to pay :)
Look how cute this is... a personalized necklace for Lo... Mrs. Evans... the teacher.
Nikki is so talented.  She and her work make me happy!!
Many prayers have been going her direction this past week... her brand new granddaughter had a scary start at life... we are so grateful things are looking up for her family.  It was amazing to be behind scenes of concerned friends, teachers and bloggers ...all who wanted to help and support a dear friend.

School was a bit nutty... the couple days that I was there.
A bit too emotional, too stressed (with faculty and administration).
I decided... staying to myself (with my wonderful 2nd grade team) in my own classroom, doing my job and keeping away from the drama is best for me.

Valentine's Day this week... uNBElieVabLe!

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