Tuesday, February 24, 2015

EdExpo Express!!

I took a quick flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Atlanta, Georgia 
this weekend for a bit of fun and a lot of work!!

EdExpo is the world's largest convention for educational and student products.
The venue was filled with companies as large as Crayola and Scholastic and brand new companies ready to step out into the spotlight with fabulous new educational tools.

My adorable partner in crime, Amanda from the Primary Gal

My job... along with 49 remarkable bloggers was to visit each booth/vendor,
 explore the product and listen to their vision.  It was unbelievable!

The convention center went on and on and on

We made it to all the booths. Then we each handed in our own top 10 picks.
Our votes were tallied, counted and posted for the culminating EdExpo event.
Hang tight...I'm about to share the group Top 10 
and then Lory's Top 10 all throughout the week! 

Nothing says education like Clifford the Big Red Dog!

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