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Sunday, February 1, 2015

EdExpo 2015

EdExpo is the premier showcase for the latest innovations covering every facet of learning, from instructional materials, teaching aids, and technology products to educational games, toys, and supplies. EDexpo connects buyers and sellers in the educational products marketplace and provides education and training to help dealers increase sales through exposure to best practices and thought leaders. Join the industry that makes learning fun!

I am super excited about attending EDExpo 2015 this year... 
my first time in Atlanta, Georgia!!
 In a few weeks superintendents, curriculum coordinators, educational retailers of educational and online stores will gather in Atlanta, Georgia for the premier showcase of educational supplies, materials, furnishings, and products.

There will be some pretty awesome products for classrooms all over this country. 
  We've been told to watch for innovative products covering every facet of learning....from instructional materials, teaching aids, & technology products...to educational games, toys, and supplies! Can't wait to discover them!

About 50 bloggers are going to be touring the exhibit floor, looking for the latest and greatest products that you're going to want to have in your classroom.
 I'm so excited to meet up with bloggy friends and discover new & innovative products for our classrooms! 
Stay tuned.....three more weeks & we'll be sharing all about
 the latest gotta-have-its for all of our classrooms!

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Cassandra said...

That's so cool! I can't wait to hear all about the trip!! How did you get involved!?!!

Mrs. 3rd Grade 

Lory said...

Thanks... a friend of mine did it last year and had a blast. We filled out an application through the EdExpo and mine was accepted. I'm excited to see new things and a new place ;)
I'll take lots of pics ;)

Unknown said...

Hi! Please accept our invitation to visit booth 1739 at EdExpo in Atlanta! We would love to demo The Reading Game, a learn to read game for beginning and struggling readers by the author of Wordly Wise. While it is for K and 1st Grade levels, it is very helpful with kids who are challenged and builds confidence in reading. More information can be found at www.thereadinggame.com. I hope to meet you in Atlanta!

Krystal said...

Thinking of you and hoping you're having a fabulous time right now!! Can't wait to hear all about it :)