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Friday, February 27, 2015

March Math Stations

My dear 3rd grade friends... I did not forget you!
I have been swimming up stream for a bit...
I know that the sale is over... but I posted March Math Stations
 and put them on sale for 28% off!
Thank you for your support and patience!!

Only 2 more months to go... what will I do with my time?????

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meaningful Math Fillers

I was asked how I handle the kids that finish their independent math assignments before everyone else.  This happens in all of our class many times throughout the day.
This particular question was for math... so I thought I'd share what works for us in room 8.

I have a little math station (pictured above) with dice, chips and spinners. It is set up for kids to independently get AND PUT AWAY ;)  Next to the drawers are game boards with directions.

The games are seasonal OR specific to the math standard for the week (or review from last week).  The kids have their assignment checked by me and then I ask them to put the assignment in their mailbox to take home and go wait for a partner.  The very next friend who comes to my desk to have their paper corrected does the same thing (unless they need to fix a few mistakes).  The 2 meet each other at the math station, decide on a game, get their tools and find a place in the room to sit and play.  They love it and I love the flexibility it gives me to work with individuals without interruption.

Since I was asked this question and I knew my response immediately... I thought I'd take a few pictures of the kids in action.  (sorry the pictures are a bit gloomy... didn't realize the lens had be switched.... thanks Max!)  It was so much fun to walk around and listen to their conversation...  all math related and so rewarding to hear them helping each other or share 'tips' that help them solve the problem. 

"ooPs!" said Max!

What do you do with fast math finishers?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Teacher, I'm Done!' Task Cards for March

1st graders... thanks for your patience!!
I just posted "Teacher, I'm Done Task Cards" for 1st Grade MARCH!

I also converted my Dr. Seuss to Silly for copyright reasons.
March is just around the corner ;)

Happy day when we can all shop from home with a coupon and then stack it again!
Use promo code HEROES and you'll receive 28% off most TpT stores tomorrow!


I wasn't able to spotlight my Literacy Centers this month, however, they are a highlight to my classroom.  If you are looking for a great activity during Word Work... try out a month.

Stay tuned for more EdExpo...

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EdExpo Express!!

I took a quick flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Atlanta, Georgia 
this weekend for a bit of fun and a lot of work!!

EdExpo is the world's largest convention for educational and student products.
The venue was filled with companies as large as Crayola and Scholastic and brand new companies ready to step out into the spotlight with fabulous new educational tools.

My adorable partner in crime, Amanda from the Primary Gal

My job... along with 49 remarkable bloggers was to visit each booth/vendor,
 explore the product and listen to their vision.  It was unbelievable!

The convention center went on and on and on

We made it to all the booths. Then we each handed in our own top 10 picks.
Our votes were tallied, counted and posted for the culminating EdExpo event.
Hang tight...I'm about to share the group Top 10 
and then Lory's Top 10 all throughout the week! 

Nothing says education like Clifford the Big Red Dog!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2nd Grade Wonders

I started these brouchures during Unit 2 in our new reading series WONDERS.
They have helped me a ton staying organized and feeling like
 I am covering the materials required.
I've been receiving emails about Unit 5 & 6... 
and wondering where they are or when they are coming out.  
I worked on them this evening and promise to knock them out ASAP.


This is an example of Unit4 week 2...
It is a tri fold. 
 Just one page back to back and folded for the entire week.
It covers a ton of information... in a tiny space and do-able way.
Unit 3 is a FREEBIE
Unit 2 ... here

This file is in editing right now 3rd grade...
It will be completed before Atlanta ;)
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Friday, February 13, 2015

Candy Heart Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Teachers!!

It is the official red-dye day!
Thank goodness it is early out Friday ;)

My little Max woke up sicker than a dog today, however, we did send his gifts to his many aides and teachers this morning.  These SWEETS chocolate cinnamon bears are my weak link right now!!  ugh!  They are delicious, cute in this little resealable bag...
 and so easy to find at Walmart ;)

Thank you Mel for updating my Candy Heart math this year with your robots!
The boys were SO excited!!

Anyone else notice the boxes have fewer and fewer hearts each year? :(

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Narrative Writing

 A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my dear friend Janiel Wagstaff and her fabulous Stella books.  We purchased many sets for our grade level/school and everyone is loving them!!! 

Last week my students and I read the narrative book called Stella Tells Her Story.
It was wonderful.  The kids were so excited to share her day!
Afterwards, we discussed and reviewed the ideas we learned about organizing our thoughts before we start our story.  The following graphic is one that we use all the time in class.  I added the First, next, then and last for this assignment.
Each student wrote about an adventure they went on using this bit of vocabulary.        They loved it!!   I don't revise and publish EVER writing assignment we do in class.  This particular one was bound in the rough draft form for others to read.

 Janiel was named Member of the Month  at the International Literacy Association. 
Take a minute to read her interview!!
You're amazing friend!! xo
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

ELA Mini Lessons

 It was a great week... a busy week... but great week!
My oldest son, Alex, turned 14 on the 5th!
He is a fantastic kid!  I count my blessings for him everyday.

My sweet friend, in the classroom next door, 
started measuring Alex on my classroom wall this past school year.  
 Sept 24th, she measured both Alex and I and marked it on the wall.
 Then on Jan 23rd she measured Alex again. 
He's been waiting for the day that he was taller than mama...
It happened... my 5'8" was passed... (tear)
Actually, I'm very proud of him and the decisions and accomplishments that he has made so far in his young life.
I continue to remind him that he might be taller than me now... but I'll always be wiser ;)
ha,ha!! I love being a mom!!

Next, Lance had major elbow surgery... Bless his heart. It was much more than he expected.  He'll be off work for 2 months and learning to mop and vacuum with his left hand ;) j/k... Max surprised us the evening Lance came home from surgery.  He went upstairs, found an ace bandage, wrapped his arm, came  down in the living room and prop his arm up on a pillow 'just like dad'.  "Mom, me... ow-ie, too!"
Did I mention ... I love being a mom!

I also received snail mail this week from my sweet friend Nikki.
Don't you love snail mail?  Especially when it isn't a bill to pay :)
Look how cute this is... a personalized necklace for Lo... Mrs. Evans... the teacher.
Nikki is so talented.  She and her work make me happy!!
Many prayers have been going her direction this past week... her brand new granddaughter had a scary start at life... we are so grateful things are looking up for her family.  It was amazing to be behind scenes of concerned friends, teachers and bloggers ...all who wanted to help and support a dear friend.

School was a bit nutty... the couple days that I was there.
A bit too emotional, too stressed (with faculty and administration).
I decided... staying to myself (with my wonderful 2nd grade team) in my own classroom, doing my job and keeping away from the drama is best for me.

Valentine's Day this week... uNBElieVabLe!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Game Board FREEBIE

Krista is a talented lady!!!
She makes math so much fun to look at :)
Sweet Addends is a game with 2 dice, spinner and chips!  SWEET!
Wow!! I ate too many candy hearts while making the game board... I apologize the numbers were incorrect on the original posted... this is good to go!
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Antonym Game Board FREEBIE

We are working on antonyms this week.
I created a quick game board for partners to practice with...
a Valentine twist.

ELA Mini Lesson - ANTONYMS

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